Candra Hospitality

Tailor Made Solutions

For a restaurant, conference center or venues, there are often completely different wishes in terms of AV installation than in a hotel. For this we offer tailor-made solutions that fully meet your wishes and target group.


As a restaurant owner, your AV installation dependents entirely on the type of restaurant and audience. If you have a young audience or organize many events, you need a completely different solution than for a restaurant with a Michelin star.


For example, if you rent out rooms for parties & other venues, a good audio installation is a requirement in which music can be played loud but pure. When you rent out several rooms you want to prevent nuisance. You also have to take into account that extra insulation of the room might be necessary. In addition to the audio installation, there is often also a desire for other entertainment sources such as videowalls or lighting solutions.


In a venue, the goal is always to entertain your guests. You may opt for live performances or playing video clips on a spectacular video wall. There are all kinds of choices, but with the right audio/video installation you create the perfect atmosphere for your audience.

Conference rooms

If you rent out conference rooms, then other matters play an important role. In addition to speakers, good microphones are also needed in a conference room. Your guests usually do not play music in a conference room. That is why it is more important that the spoken word of the relevant speaker is displayed crystal clear. Often in combination with various presentation solutions such as displays and projectors.

Swimming pool

Do you have a swimming pool and organize various activities here such as: disco swimming, pool parties, aerobics lessons. Then a good Audio / video installation is required. For example, you want to display spectacular projections and play music.