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Room management

Clear and user-friendly

Our system makes it easier than ever to book a room using the calendar on your computer or directly through the display next to the door. All information is elegantly presented on the display and the information changes when someone walks up to the screen. So that the most relevant information is always displayed. With the display you have the following options: Book and / or extend a room. If the desired room is occupied, you can use the calendar to search for other rooms based on availability, size and equipment. Thanks to the green and red light around the screen you can see at a glance whether the room is empty or not. No more confusion or double bookings.

Analytic and Efficient

Our room management system gives you a complete insight into the use of the rooms within your hotel. So you can optimize the use of the rooms even further. You get support which reduces costs by analyzing statistics in our web-based system. With our extensive room management system you ensure that you use the perfect room for every meeting.

Our system also offers advanced multi-site management options with permission control and real-time monitoring. This is very suitable if you want to manage different locations centrally.


Our room management system is suitable for every hospitality environment.

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