Candra Hospitality

Parking solutions

Candra Hospitality offers suitable parking solutions for every situation.
Our company offers barriers of 2.5 to 12 meters in length. These can be used to control the traffic in your parking area. The correct barrier length depends entirely on the type of vehicle. A longer barrier is required for a supplier entrance than for the parking area for your guests. In addition to solutions for your parking area, we also offer solutions for your garage.
A barrier, gate or garage door is an excellent solution to secure access to your hotel or to close your parking to unauthorized persons.

There is also the possibility to combine the barriers, fences or (garage) doors on your site with a complete solution. For example: payment, license plate recognition. allocating spaces. There is also the possibility to link the system to your hotel locks. The advantage of this is that your guests can use their room card or smartphone to open the barrier. The options are virtually unlimited.