Candra Hospitality

Hotel Locks

Candra Hospitality offers hotel locks, which are designed for easy usage and manageability 

Our hotel locks are equipped with the latest technology, so you can use them with various hardware solutions such as barriers, gate systems, etc. In addition, it is possible to use the system with so-called smart cards, but we can also integrate smartphones seamlessly.
We offer different models so that we can achieve the desired appearance in every hotel & holiday park.

These settings can be made for each specific area in your hotel.

Why our hotel locks

  • Modular system

Our lock system is completely modular. This makes it possible to implement the new system in phases. Its also simple and quickly expandable in case of renovations or extensions.

  • Encrypted communication

Our locks are fully encrypted. With this, a door can only be opened with the card issued for this purpose or the smartphone of your guest. This makes it virtually impossible to open a door without authorization.

  • Contactless readers

Our locks use contactless readers. This means less wear and tear. You do not need to touch the locks with your hands. a pass or smartphone with the appropriate authorization near the lock is enough to open it.

  • Support for smartphones

With our locks it is possible to opt for smartphone support. It is possible for your guests to open the door with their smartphone.

  • Different design possibilities

We have locks in different designs. There is always a suitable solution that matches the style of your hotel.


In short, there are 2 different options, each with its own advantages. The simplest solution is an offline system, which means that you create an access pass for the relevant room at the reception. Systems are not connected to each other and the hotel locks are therefore completely separate from the P.M.S.


It is possible to connect the hotel locks to the network. When you connect all hotel locks to the network, the system is easier to manage from the reception. All kinds of different integrations are possible. For example: linking with the P.M.S. and opening doors from the reception.


For example, it is possible to open a room door with a “master key” when it is on the night lock. Or a link with the fire alarm so that doors automatically unlock when there is a fire. With this, the safety of your guests is always guaranteed in the event of an emergency.


The purpose of the locks is to give your guests easy access to their room. In addition to your guests, you also have the option of issuing access passes for your staff. For example the housekeeping has access to all rooms. But the restaurant staff only has access to the wine cellar.

We create an access plan based on your wishes. In which we specify who gets access to which doors. We can achieve this at function level or department level. It is also possible to determine this per person.