Candra Hospitality


The right light contributes to a large extent to the overall impression of a building. It generates emotions and, if used properly, invites the public for a pleasant stay. In addition to the right lighting atmosphere, it comes to a consistent lighting design that matches the architecture of the building. Like the functionality, efficiency and long life of the lamps. Light plays an important role in the total concept of your business. Careful selection is essential.
Our company offers many different types of lighting that suit a particular design and style. from classic to modern and everything in between. We always offer a suitable solution. In almost all cases we use LED. A suitable LED fixture is available in every imaginable style.

For an intimate atmosphere, there are beautiful chandeliers or hanging lamps available which are also fully implemented in LED. It is also possible to combine classical with modern in the right proportions. We are happy to work with you to create a lighting plan that fully fits your needs.


Phase 1:

Briefing & Analyse

This is the first stage. In this phase, we discuss your wishes regarding lighting and evaluate the existing situation and the environment with the help of accurate luminance meters.

Phase 2:

Selection of ideas

Based on your wishes and our first evaluation of the building and its surroundings, we make a collage with different ideas. We will present these ideas to you and make any desired adjustments.

Phase 3:

Conceptional design

The conceptual lighting design is based on your building, the environment, and the composed collage of ideas.

Phase 4:

Detailed design

When you agree to our conceptual design, we work out the design details. Including various scenes.

Phase 5:

Presentation in virtual reality

To get a good idea of what the lighting will look like in and around your building, we make a presentation based on virtual reality. This gives you the feeling that you are walking around in the building. This way you can experience the atmosphere.

Phase 6:


After the presentation, things can always be adjusted. If you are completely satisfied with the complete design, our technicians will fully install the lighting.