In-room audio

& entertainment

You are faced with an important choice in your hotel room (s) and suites. Namely: in-room audio. Do you want to offer radio / music using the (hospitality) TV, do you opt for a completely separate installation or for Bluetooth streaming? Which, for example, can be operated with the guest’s smartphone. Then there is the question if you want to offer your guests an audio installation in the sleeping area, living area, bathroom. or all three.
The Hospitality TV has excellent options for providing entertainment. However, the sound quality of current televisions is often not sufficient. Within our range we offer a perfect solution for this. With in-room audio, every room can be equipped with high-end speakers which are connected directly to the hospitality TV. There are also different choices from crystal clear stereo sound to a true surround experience.

hotel room audio


We only offer speakers from the quality brand Fonestar. These are very suitable for hotel rooms and suites. We hide these speakers in various places in the room and they offer an excellent experience. We offer a practical solution for every requirement.


Our speakers are perfect for in-room audio, but they are also excellent speakers for (holiday) homes and restaurants.

Fonestar Amplifiers

To prevent nuisance, we always limit the in-room audio system to a maximum volume and, if desired, additional sound insulation can be chosen. We offer design speakers on the wall, but also concealed speakers that evokes a wow effect for your guests.

Operating the system

The complete audio installation can be operated trough the hospitality TV or by smartphone and tablet. Its also possible to place a panel to control all different functions in the room.