What is a hotel PBX System

A Hotel PBX makes it possible to communicate easily internally in a hotel with a limited number of outside lines. The outside lines are only used to call telephone numbers outside your hotel. The communication in your hotel is via the internal network. Think of guests who call the reception / room service or the wellness. or call another room. All this internal communication is completely free of charge.

If a guest uses the phone to make external calls. Then this also offers opportunities to quickly recoup the investment of an excellent PBX.

What makes a hotel PBX system different from an ordinary exchange in an office building is, among other things, the complexity of the system, the continuously changing number of users, connections with PMS systems and privacy-related objections.

When installing a Hotel PBX System You basicaly have two options. SIP and analog or a combination of both.

New builds

SIP is often chosen in new buildings. This is the latest VoIP technology and when you use SIP devices, there are also various additional options available.


Older buildings often have analog lines. When a hotel wants to use a hotel PBX system and there are analog telephone lines to the rooms, a combination option is chosen in which the reception and back office use SIP phones. Analog phones are then placed in the rooms in combination with Gateways.


Analog lines are used in new builds and in renovations. We choose for analog lines in combination with gateways to communicate with the VOIP PBX. We choose this option because its a cost effective solution for hotels and reduces the cost of the total investment.


Privacy is of great importance for your guests. To insure the privacy of your guests we always recommend to use specific hospitality phones in each room.