Candra Hospitality

Hotel Audio

For an excellent hotel audio installation, there are various aspects that we take into account. First of all, we make a distinction between various public spaces and hotel rooms. With hotel audio, we assume only public spaces. In hotel rooms and suites we speak of In-room audio. In a hospitality environment there are different areas within public spaces, each with its own purpose. We can provide you with complete (network) audio solutions from the quality brand Fonestar. Hereby we adjust the audio installation to the specific purpose of the area concerned:

The Gym

In the gym, music is important as a motivation. In addition, you want the ability to play it at high volume. A combination of audio and video is also possible to offer your guests even more entertainment during exercise. Good insulation is important for a gym. With insulation we guarantee that other guests aren’t experiencing any inconvenience.


In your restaurant you have the option to play hospitality music in the background by using small speakers. In addition, it is also possible to choose an installation that is very suitable for live performances. For example from a talented musician.

Hallways & Lobby

You can choose to play so-called hospitality background music in the hallways and in the lobby. You can play this music at a low volume. This should never cause any inconvenience to your guests. In addition, it is important that the sound image is correct.

Terrace & Garden

When you choose for background music on your terraces or in your garden, it is very important that the installation does not cause any nuisance to the immediate environment. We offer various outdoor solutions for excellent sound reproduction. If you often organize garden parties, there are other suitable options.

Breakfast Area

Playing music in the breakfast area is a good possibility. It gives your guests a feeling of hospitality. For this purpose we recommend small speakers with an excellent sound reproduction for music in the background. We can combine audio in the breakfast area with a digital signage solution which, for example can display the local  weather and/or a news channel on a large display.


If your hotel is equipped with a wellness area, you have the option of having an excellent audio installation installed. There is the possibility to play Hospitality music in the background, but also a complete cinema experience is possible for your wellness area.

The choice of a hotel audio system depends on many different factors. Depending on your wishes we can recommend and build a suitable solution.