Hospitality TV

Consider how your guests would experience the following scenario: “Your guests open their room, the TV turns on immediately, a welcome message appears on the screen, they can view the menu of your restaurant, the weather, local trips and even ordering a taxi is possible.
In addition to these interesting comfort-enhancing options, your guests watch all their favorite programs and movies in Full HD or in 4K. If you opt for satellite, the channel options are limitless.

Google Chromecast

The brand new Philips Hospitality TVs are equipped with Android TV and fully integrated Google Chromecast. This makes it the ideal TV for your guests to easily display information from their phone or tablet on the TV.

Philips Hospitality TV's


  • Fully integrated Google Chromecast
  • Philips Hospitality TV's
  • Equipped with Android TV
  • Unlimited possibilities

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Our company is specialized in AV installations. With the aim of making your guests enjoy more comfort and luxury with in-room entertainment such as Hospitality TV in your hotel, (serviced) apartments or holiday park. If desired, the TV is combined with an excellent in-room audio solution.


Candra Hospitality only offers quality brands such as: Samsung, Philips & LG. Full HD is standard and 4K is a very interesting option. We mount our TVs with anti-theft brackets


The installation is an essential element when purchasing Hospitality TV. Our technicians carry out the installation professionally. During the installation in your hotel (or holiday park) we ensure that your guests experience minimal inconvenience.

With all the different setting options on a hospitality TV, it is possible to prevent inconvenience for your guests. For example: setting the maximum volume, a fixed channel order, locking menus. These settings also give you housekeeping more convenience, as they never have to reset TVs again. In addition to convenience, this also saves valuable time.

Some possibilities with our:

TV Solution

Information Channel

By using an information channel you have the possibility to inform your guests about various matters. For example: offers in your restaurant and / or (paid) advertisements of local restaurants, places of interest. Also local country information is possible. We design your information channel completely tailored to your wishes.

Additional Services

With Hospitality TV you have the option to offer additional services. For example: Movies on demand, reserve a table in your restaurant or order a taxi. The request can be forwarded immediately to the reception. This way you can provide fast and efficient service.


You can offer the different services on TV in multiple languages. Your guest has the possibility to display all information displayed in a language of there choice.

Weather Forecast

There is the possibility to display a real-time weather forecast with the push of a button. This is an extra service that many people experience as pleasant.


Suppose you receive a phone call for one of your guests, who is not present in his or her room at that time. With this function you have the possibility to send a message to the Hospitality TV in that room. They immediately see the message on there TV as soon as they return to there room.

TV Channels

Hospitality TV uses the latest technology. You have the option to compile a fully customized channel package. Our company partners with various signal suppliers to provide you with the best experience. There are even possibilities to provide your guests with streaming services like Netflix.

tv for hospitality

Is a display management solution from Philips for Digital signage, info channels, video walls and the Hospitality TV: You can easily promote your services to your guests through special pages with information about your hotel. Which are managed remotely from a central location.
CMND makes it possible to pre-configure all settings, if necessary, to perform upgrades. Everything from one central system. With this system you can bring extra information to the attention. Such as your restaurant, bar or advertisements of local companies. This gives you the option to generate extra income without the need for a separate system.

The advantage of the CMND system is that it is integrated as standard in almost all Phillips displays. This allows you to centrally manage all the displays in your hotel with ease. There is an excellent solution from Philips for both existing and new installations.

smart tv hospitality

You can actually see it as an extension of your reception. Whit it you offer your guests the possibility to view information about for example the restaurant or local events.

As one of the largest manufacturers in the world, LG has a special department that deals with developments and products for the Hospitality market.

Pro: Centric is a Smart solution and the “Rolls Royce” from LG. Pro: Centric can be used in combination with LG Hospitality displays. The power of Pro: Centric is; user-friendliness for your guests and easy to manage. The system is suitable for existing Coax installations as well as for modern IP-TV systems.

samsung hospitality tv

is a content management system from Samsung. You give your guests the opportunity to see information about, for example: The restaurant or the opening times of the swimming pool. In their own comfortable hotel room. Lynk Reach also has an integration option with various room management solutions. This creates the possibility to control all the different functionalities of the room from the TV.

Lynk Reach is therefore a smart solution from Samsung that you can use to control everything. This solution can be used in combination with the Samsung Hospitality TV. The power of Lynk Reach; user-friendliness for your guests. The simplicity of operation for the hotel management and of course the unlimited possibilities. The system can be used in any hotel. From Boutique to Resort.