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Healthcare TV

We offer special healthcare TVs from Philips and LG for use in healthcare facilities. These types of TV’s are provided with a special antibacterial coating. This increases the safety of your patients and your medical personnel. Your patients have the possibility to watch all their favorite programs in Full HD on their healthcare TV. If you choose satellite the channel options are unlimited.


Originally our company is specialized in hotel facilities. Our goal is to provide your patients with some entertainment and comfort with healthcare TV in your facility.


Our company only offers quality brands for healthcare institutions such as: Philips & LG. We mount our hospital TVs with anti-theft supports from B-tech.


An indispensable element when purchasing a TV system is the installation. Our technicians carry out the installation professionally. During the installation in your institution, we ensure that your patients experience minimal inconvenience.

Because of all the different options on a healthcare TV, it is possible to prevent inconvenience to and by your clients. For example: setting the maximum volume, fixed station order, locking menus.

Some possibilities with our

TV System:

Multiple languages

You can offer the different services on the TV in multiple languages. This allows all information to be displayed in a language of your choice.

Weather forecast

There is the option to see a real-time weather forecast at the touch of a button. This offers just that little bit of extra comfort that many people experience this as pleasant.


Your patient has the opportunity to see at a glance which appointments are scheduled.

TV channels

Healthcare TV uses DVB-C or satellite. When you choose satellite, you have the option to compile a complete channel package yourself.

LG Pro:Centric

You can actually see it as an extension for your staff. With which you offer your patients the opportunity to view various information from their bed.

As one of the largest manufacturers in the world, LG has a special department in Europe that deals with developments and products for healthcare institutions.

Pro: Centric is a Smart solution and LG’s “Rolls Royce”. Pro: Centric can be used in combination with LG displays. The power of Pro: Centric is; user-friendliness for your clients, easy to manage. The system is suitable for existing Coax installations as well as for modern IP-TV systems.

Philips CMND

Is a display management solution for digital signage, info channels, video walls and Hospital TV: You can easily make information available to your clients through special pages. Which are managed remotely from a central location. without having to visit the rooms.

CMND makes it possible to pre-configure all settings and upgrade if necessary. Everything from 1 central system. With this system you can give extra attention to important information.

The advantage of the CMND system is that it is integrated as standard in almost all Phillips displays. This allows you to centrally manage all displays within your organization with ease. There is an excellent solution from Philips for both existing and new installations.

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      If desired, our experienced technicians can install your new products.



      We only provide our clients with the best products available brands such as Samsung, Vestel, VTech etc.

      Clear Agreements

      Clear Agreements

      We always respect the wishes of our clients. To insure there aren’t any problems, all information are summarized in an agreement.

      24/7 Service

      24/7 Service

      We provide all our clients with 24/7 service for: Brand new installations, but also for installations that are already in use.

      Competitive Rates

      Competitive Rates

      Our prices are competitive and we will always create a solution that fits your budget and needs.

      Personal Contact

      Personal Contact

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