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We increasingly use digital signage in the hospitality industry. The reason for this is that the hotel industry is going through a period of major changes. Digital transformation disrupts traditional business models because hotels struggle with unprecedented competitive pressure and to meet the needs of the digitally oriented guest.

Hotel owners need simplified screen management, easy content management at multiple locations to meet the needs of guests who expect a seamless digital and content rich experience from the moment they walk into the lobby. Our display solutions use digital signage for the general areas. We opt for Hospitality TV in the rooms and suites. With this, you offer real-time information in all the general areas and a personalized entertainment system in the rooms.

Why use digital signage in

Your hotel

Candra Hospitality offers a wide range of digital signage solutions to meet your specific needs

Very robust outdoor, video wall, and UHD displays to increase branding and improve visual impact.

Advanced special displays, such as mirror, square, transparent or stretch signage.

A wide range of Hospitality TVs to meet the specific needs of the market, from hostel to luxury.

Candra Hospitality delivers signage solutions from Samsung, LG and Philips. With this we guarantee excellent quality and advanced functionalities

78/5000 High brightness of 700 nit for indoor use and 2000 nit for outdoor use.

Advanced video wall: approximately 90% uniform color presentation through factory calibration.

Superior mirror image quality. (really mirror-like screen with 90% transparency, 55% reflectivity)

The world’s first UHD digital signage solution.

Versatile LED signage ranging from 1.5 pixels to 20 pixels.

Candra Hospitality offers a modernand refined range of products to increase your brand value

Advanced displays with a real metal housing.

The world’s thinnest video wall (1.6 mm housing) and thinnest stand-alone narrowcasting solutions.

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