Candra Hospitality


The Pavilions, hotels & resorts

Go to one of The Pavilions, Hotels & Resorts. Experience luxury in beautiful locations. The hotels and resorts are located in the most beautiful places in the world. For example on the best beach of Phuket or close to Dam Square (Amsterdam).

Best Western International

Belongs to the world’s largest hotel chains with over 4195 hotels in 80 countries. The organisation’s headquarters are located in Phoenix. Best Western hotels are not operated by the organization as they are all independent hotels. These hotels have been merged into a non-profit organization. If an hotel wants to use Best Western’s name, they must become a member.

Hard Rock Hotels

Hard Rock Hotels span the globe with an uncompromised dedication. They embrace the culture and character of each of there all-inclusive resorts collection locations with an energy and enthusiasm only found at Hard Rock.

Radisson Blu, hotels & resorts

Radisson Blu is a luxury international chain of hotels and resorts in Europe, Africa and Asia. They have around 287 hotels with 68,270 rooms worldwide.

Park Inn

Park Inn is an original and energetic mid-range hotel that offers friendliness and hospitality at an attractive price. They focus on what is really important: comfortable beds, clean bathrooms, service with a smile and a purely pleasant experience.

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