Alarm system

For hotels

There are completely various requirements for an alarm system in a hotel than in a home. With an alarm system in a hotel, you want to prevent your guests from experiencing nuisance. However, the alarm system must satisfy all requirements. We have come up with a solution for this. Namely creating different “zones. Classic example: Your wellness and fitness area are open from 11:00 to 22:00. That would mean the alarm is active from 22:00 to 11:00. However, if the housekeeping wants to clean the fitness and wellness area at 10:00, they can disable the alarm by using their “hotel pass.
These settings can be made for each specific area in your hotel.

Control panel

  • Code

You can switch the system on and off using a personal code.

  • Pass / Tag

With a pass / tag it is possible to unlock the system. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to remember any codes

  • Smartphone

With our App it is possible to control the entire system from your smartphone. If you choose a combination with CCTV, it is also possible to view these images in the same App.


It is possible to add up to 250 different users with different rights within our alarm system.


The central is the beating heart of the alarm system. This is actually the central computer that processes all signals. Based on this information, the system can respond in different ways. For example, send a message by SMS or trigger the sirens.


  • Ultrasonic

The ultrasonic type sends “waves” If the space is empty, the “wave” is not interrupted. as soon as someone is in the room, the “wave” is interrupted by the person concerned.

  • Infrared

Infrared works on the basis of body heat. due to a change in temperature at a specific location, the system detects movement.

Magnetic Contacts

In most situations the entrance doors are equipped with a magnetic contact.As soon as one of these doors is unlocked, there is a preset time. For 30 seconds to turn off the alarm. It is also possible to provide all other windows and doors with a magnetic contact.If a burglar then decides to break in through a window, a message will be sent when the magnetic seal is broken. This is processed by the central and the system will immediately trigger the alarm or siren